Causeway Innovation is a specialist consulting & training firm with services designed to support the development of innovative businesses and major regional cities.

Our focus is on regional innovation - developing communities of innovation and clients include startup and growth businesses, economic development agencies, local and state government and universities.

We have created programs to accelerate the growth of both startups and ambitious small and mid sized businesses (SMEs), helping to build innovation ecosystems in major regional cities - places that the Regional Australia Institute calls ‘Great Small Cities’. These cities have a population from 50,000 to around 500,000 and have great of potential for innovation.

Big cities are not the only attractive locations for innovation and entrepreneurship and many smaller cities and regions realise that innovation is also vital for their future.


We have developed an approach to support the development of innovation ecosystems in major regional cities. We bring together and educate key stakeholders on how to build a more innovative and resilient economy. Based on community input, action plans can include the implementation of key building blocks such as co-working spaces or innovation hubs, events and networking programs, building local investor connections and increasing the profile of the region as an attractive base for innovative businesses.

Causeway draws upon our founder’s valuable experience gained from working with over 300 startups and small to mid sized businesses, 50 of the world’s largest companies and innovative business, and economic development projects in the UK, North America and Australia. 

Key services


Designing, implementing and growing innovation ecosystems and major innovation projects such as innovation hubs, university entrepreneurship programs and transforming cities and regions through innovation and entrepreneurship. 


Keynote presentations and workshops based on international experience and research focused on developing innovative businesses and communities with an intelligent, persuasive and entertaining delivery style.


Work directly with growth oriented businesses - facilitating planning, identifying new opportunities, business model development and growth through innovation.


Training programs to develop startups and dynamic local networks – including Idea Generation, Pitching for Investment and Build a Better Startup, based on Lean Startup principles.


Innovation Master Class: a 2-month program to develop owner managers of growth oriented SMEs through innovation; also regional and industry sector based programs. 



Meet Managing Director and founder Colin Graham

Colin Graham, Managing Director, Causeway Innovation

Colin Graham, Managing Director, Causeway Innovation

Colin has experience in marketing, engaging talent, business strategy and innovation. He has worked with over 300 start-ups and SMEs and over 50 of the world’s leading companies. Today, his principal interest is in developing innovative businesses and regions.

Colin has a BA (Honours) degree in Marketing from the University of Strathclyde and Masters in Entrepreneurship from Glasgow Caledonian University. His first job after graduating was in marketing with Dulux near London where he became International Product Manager.

At 26, he left Dulux to be the co-founder and CEO of Yellowbrick, focusing on graduate recruitment. Colin led the ‘Delivering the Promise’ project with 36 leading companies – such as Intel, P&G, and Deloitte. The resulting reports gained reviews from the Financial Times and the Guardian and attracted corporate clients for recruitment, training and consulting services.

Colin then joined the Career Innovation Company – based in Surrey and then Oxford - working on collaborative talent management projects for Global HR Directors from 18 companies - including PwC, Deutsche Bank and Marriot International. He was the lead author of ‘ePeople, engaging talent in the entrepreneurial age.’ The Times newspaper review said: “All CEOs should read it and heed it.”

In 1999, Colin joined the Robert Gordon University in Scotland to create a Student Business Incubator – one of the first in the world - which was recognised as the ‘UK’s Best Business Support Program’. He also delivered the MBA New Venture Creation class.

In 2002, Colin moved to Australia to be the Founding CEO of the Innovation Centre at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Over a 10-year period, Colin was the key pioneer in the development of the Sunshine Coast's regional innovation ecosystem - recently described as the ‘Australia’s entrepreneurship capital’ by leading social commentator Bernard Salt.

In 2012, Colin returned to running his own business, Causeway Innovation, which has since developed a range of practical and high impact programs and services to develop innovative businesses and innovative regions in Australia and internationally.

Network Partners

Causeway Innovation has developed a strong network of people and organisations with complementary skills and experience in multiple industry sectors. We regularly partner with other firms in the delivery of major projects.

Our network includes professionals in the following key areas:



Smart communities & digital


Behaviour change


Higher education and research


Economic development


Community engagement

Professional services, including legal, IP, finance, grants and R&D consulting


Marketing communications


Architecture, design and planning


Investors – high net worth individuals, angel and venture capital

In the footsteps of giants

The inspiration for the Causeway Innovation name comes from the Giant’s Causeway – a world heritage site and natural wonder in Northern Ireland. The Giant’s Causeway consists of 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. According to legend, the causeway was built by Finn McCool an Irish giant who was having trouble with a Scottish giant - Benandonner - and Finn ripped out chunks of the Antrim coast and threw them into the sea to build a path to follow and teach Benandonner a lesson. Click here for the full story. The Causeway has inspired generations of artists, writers, musicians and now Causeway Innovation. The name was chosen to suggest a magical pathway, network connectivity and a way ahead – and reflects the founder’s Irish heritage.


Successful innovation requires the labors of a vast ecosystem of executives, engineers, salespeople, advisors, consultants, venture capitalists, angel investors, accountants, landlords, lawyers, marketers, bankers, supportive friends, and countless others
— Victor W. Hwang & Greg Horowitt, The Rainforest, The secret to building the next silicon valley