Our focus is to help businesses and communities to use innovation to create new opportunities.

We assist economic development agencies, universities, local and state governments and private businesses to design and implement innovation projects to boost business growth, employment and investment.

The global economy is changing rapidly and regions are not immune from change. Many regions are transitioning from an agricultural, manufacturing or resource based economies towards a much more service and knowledge based economy. 

Innovation is about implementing new ideas of value and is vital to increase productivity and maintain or improve the quality of life for all residents.

The ambition of being the 'Next Silicon Valley' initially sounds appealing but in reality it is misguided and its blind pursuit can actually hurt cities and regions. Instead, communities should should focus on their own unique strengths and assets and build a supportive innovative ecosystem for businesses all at stages of development - using innovation to add value in key industry sectors.


Developing a Regional Innovation Ecosystem - focused on startups and scaleups

Developing Innovation Hubs or Innovation Precincts

Business cases to assess opportunities and inform investment decisions for major innovation projects.

Coordinating regional innovation projects including major funding bids




We have developed award winning and high impact innovation hubs and programs in the UK and Australia.



We have researched and visited and major innovation projects across the world and understand factors for success.



We have a well developed partners network with skill sets across a wide range of areas - from smart communities to investors.


High value outcomes

We deliver added value outcomes for clients. We continually update our services to reflect the latest industry best practice.

Advisory services



Many cities and regions across the world are seeking opportunities to support the growth of local businesses and create new, innovative and sustainable employment opportunities.

An Innovation Hub is a regional centre of innovation, technology, business education and quality job creation. The Hub is centred on a physical building with desk space, fast speed broadband, flexible meeting, training and event spaces and technology facilities such as video conferencing, 3D printing.

An Innovation Hub is much more than bricks and mortar. It may house 20 or 30 businesses but can make an impact on several hundred businesses or more across the wider city or region each year via programs, events, and leveraging resources and network connections.

Causeway Innovation is perfectly placed to assist cities and regions to create world-class innovation hubs with first hand experience in designing and managing award-winning centres in the UK and Australia and strong connections with many other leading international centres.

Key focus areas

Develop objectives, detailed business case and business model

Identifying target industries, people and needs analysis

Location and facility requirements and site selection

Operating model, governance, key activities

Assistance with recruiting Community Hub Manager

Financial model – capital and operating budgets, accessing grant funding


Business success rarely happens in isolation and innovation is much more likely to happen when businesses interact, collaborate and tap into assets in the wider environment. A Regional Innovation Ecosystem can provide a dynamic environment to help businesses thrive.

Revitalising regions through innovation

Innovation has always been a driver for growth. At the regional level, it is vital to build networks of key players including entrepreneurs, investors, professional service providers, education and research institutes. Regions also needy to make the most of their location and develop the hard and soft infrastructure and resources to support entrepreneurs – from culture to co-working spaces and internet connectivity.

Causeway helps regions to develop innovation ecosystems by assessing the current situation, identifying and involving key players, and focusing on the core ingredients that help to foster successful innovation ecosystems - including talent, density, culture, capital and government policies. 


Key focus areas

Mapping and measuring the existing innovation ecosystem

Entrepreneurs perceptions of ecosystem and key services

Identifying key opportunities and priorities.

Developing a roadmap or action plan

Support implementation, including network and communication platforms

Key focus areas

Structured process to inform decisions on major projects

Investment in innovation projects - e.g. major facilities, regional and education programs

Learn from international best practice and lessons learnt - boost chances of success

Develop comprehensive business case to support funding applications



Causeway Innovation has developed several business cases to inform multimillion-dollar investment decisions on major projects, all with an innovation angle - clients have included a private developer, University and the WA State Government.

We provide a detailed confidential report and can facilitate workshops with the client project team to input to the process and present recommendations.

The business case process is typically involves:

  • Briefing from client - purpose, key issues, decision making process and timings
  • The assessment of a specific opportunity and assumptions
  • Community consultation and input
  • Learning from national and international experience
  • Identifying key benefits and risks
  • Assessment of financial feasibility
  • Analysis of alternative options
  • Recommendations

Key focus areas

Student entrepreneurship education and training, university & VET sectors

Business incubator and Accelerator programs

Education and business engagement

Innovation Precincts







Universities - and the VET sector - have an increasing interest in developing innovation and entrepreneurship programs for students, alumni and staff. This is driven by students' changing career aspirations, the modern global economy, rise of technology and government innovation policies to boost productivity and competitiveness.

Education programs

Causeway Innovation has direct experience in developing student entrepreneurship programs in the UK and Australia - both as part of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities - for students from all disciplines. 

Supporting entrepreneurs
Activities to support student and graduate entrepreneurs include mentoring, special events, business incubators, coworking or maker spaces, Accelerator programs, innovation challenges, networking and linking with the local startup ecosystem, including professional service firms - e.g. legal and IP - and potential investors.


Investing in an ecosystem requires a hard look at structures that are unique to - and work for - a specific community, rather than replicating the blindspots of other ecosystems.
— Ross Baird, CEO, Village Capital & author The Innovation Blind Spot