Startups are key contributors to regional economies, creating new employment opportunities.

Research by the Kauffman Foundation in the United States highlighted that startups were the biggest contributors to net job growth between 1977 and 2005. The research found that without startups there would be no net jobs growth in the economy. Australian data shows the same thing - startups and young firms are the major contributors to employment growth.

Startup - businesses play a vital role in local economies by:

  • Creating new employment opportunities

  • Replacing jobs lost by businesses exiting

  • Refreshing the local economy – new ideas, energy and new sectors.

Startup entrepreneurs are not confined to capital cities and many smaller cities and regions across the world are actively supporting the startup and growth of a new wave of businesses.  

Causeway Innovation supports the growth of individual startups and startup communities with practical programs and strategic advisory services.


Developing Regional Innovation Ecosystems and startup communities

Developing physical innovation hubs and precincts - including incubators & coworking spaces

Entrepreneur skills development & Accelerator programs: building knowledge, confidence, networks and applying learning

Pitching for investment: communicating a compelling business opportunity

University entrepreneurship programs - from undergraduates to MBAs.

Colin is a straight-shooting, practical and insightful sounding board. He is proactive, considered and has personally offered me many great insights into what it takes to launch, run and scale a successful start up. I’m very grateful for his time and expertise.
— Carly Brown, Founder, Une Piece




We have supported over 250 startups & SMEs and consulted to over 50 of the world's leading companies.



Growing startup communities takes time and we understand and the key ingredients for success.


We get regions

We have worked in regional areas across the UK and Australia, regions are not the same as big cities.


Not just tech

Hi-tech startups are not the only game in town - sectors like food, agribusiness and health have many opportunities.

Supporting startups services



Format: Workshop intensive, 2 – 3 sessions

A short course aimed at budding and early stage entrepreneurs – a flexible delivery format with two to three sessions. Designed to feed into regional innovation programs.

This short course covers ideas, structures and approaches to help startup entrepreneurs build a better business, faster and increase their chances of success by avoiding common issues.

Content includes idea generation, startup motivation, how to make a new idea happen, networking, sources of funds, Lean Startup principles, building a business model and team.

Key focus areas

Startup principles and how to build a successful business fast

How to increase chances of success by avoiding common mistakes

Startup motivation and how to make new ideas happen

Networking skills and the sourcing of funds


Format: Workshop intensive, 1 – 2 sessions

An interactive workshop aimed at startup and early stage businesses. Initially developed for QUT bluebox to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses pitches for the QUT $500k Innovation Challenge and Accelerator programs.

The workshop provides an overview of sources of finance for startup businesses, what different types of investors are looking for and how to effectively pitch a business idea to a potential investor.

Workshop format is flexible and is delivered over one or two sessions.

Key focus areas

How to develop a successful business pitch to a potential investor

Understanding sources of finance for startup businesses

Recognise what different types of investors are looking for in a startup business


Format: 12 month development program

Startups play a vital role in regional economies and make a critical contribution to net job growth.

Startups are one key component of a wider Innovation Ecosystem that also includes small and mid sized businesses - including scaleups – larger businesses and supporting organisations.

Causeway has developed a 12-month program to accelerate the development of regional innovation through startup communities and has assisted in the development of Startup Bundaberg and Startup Gympie Region.


Key focus areas

Developing an action plan and communication channels

Facilitating an events and mentoring program

Building a network of entrepreneurs and supporters

Building the profile of the region as base for innovative businesses

Facilitating links to key people, networks and events

Developing an Innovation Hub or coworking space