Inspiration from Bluey and Bryan Brown

Inspiration comes from many different places – often unexpected – and it’s a good idea to get out and about. 

On Wednesday, I drove down to the University of the Sunshine Coast to hear two members of Brisbane-based Ludo Studio - co-founder and director Daley Pearson and producer Sam Moor - talk about the astounding success of the animation series, which screens on ABC-TV and the BBC and has a new distribution deal with Disney. My five year old daughter and I love Bluey and we have watched many episodes, many times and made a solid contribution to the record 100 million views the show has now clocked up. Daley and Sam also offered some advice for students and others on how to get started in the industry.

As you may know, Bluey is an Australian animated television series for preschool children and was created by Brisbane based production group Ludo Studio. Ludo doesn’t just make Bluey, it produces original drama, comedy and animation stories across all platforms.

I popped a quick post on Twitter about the event and Daley replied with the photo below to show ‘Bluey’s all these guys’


One of the key messages I took away from the event was about ‘Making it happen.’ Bluey was not an overnight success, it did not happen by itself, the shows creators initially created a one minute pilot and promoted this around the world to get interest. In startup land lingo, this was effectively a Minimum Viable Product and was essential to get people interested and caring about the show. 

 Other key messages:

  • Say yes to everything - get experience and build up a network. The value of this experience cannot be underestimated and can lead to progressively bigger projects. 

  • Create your own momentum - by being persistent, but nice at the same time – in approaching industry contacts for opportunities and to suggest things – for example, helping people manage their social media.

  • Go where the sets are - get out of Australia to places like London to get experience and then come back to Australia to put it into action with projects here and leverage your networks.

  • Networks are vital – Sam mentioned that something like 80% of her work came from network connections, people she knows. Daley also emphasised the need get out of your comfort zone, attend industry events and build your network, he also highlighted the role of socials in getting known, build a reputation and getting connections.


A second source of inspiration this week was from the Bryan Brown interview with Richard Fidler on ABC Radio’s Conversations. 

Bryan is a fantastic raconteur and has a great story to tell. He enjoyed being part of the drama club when he worked as a trainee actuary at AMP in Sydney and decided to pursue an acting career by heading to London. 

He sold his car, bought a ticket to England and called into Greece on the way and met a young English bloke who said his father worked in the theatre – it turned out he was a fireman, like a security person. Brian ‘made his own momentum’ and rang the theatre fireman when he got to London and was introduced to the Chief Fireman who got him a job – starting that night – pushing scenery in the Victoria Palace Theatre. He then got some advice that is was a good idea to get some experience in the provinces – so he moved and worked for 18 months in the provinces working in scenery and also got some small parts in plays. ‘Saying yes to opportunities’ quickly led him to an audition and a year’s part with the National Theatre in London. 

Bryan Brown’s story reinforces the ideas of say yes to everything, create your own momentum, go where the sets are, and networks are vital. Good advice for all of us.

Colin Graham

Causeway Innovation, 16 Aug 2019 (RIP Elvis)




Colin Graham